Human Resources support in Ireland

Human Resources Support in IrelandAdministration can be an extremely frustrating and time-consuming part of the job but efficient internal mechanics (the nuts and bolts if you will) is what keeps the HR department flowing smoothly. Well-organized administration is what maintains the forward moving momentum of the company yet it is the element of human resources that most HR professionals look upon with trepidation. Rightly so – it’s not glamorous – in fact, one could call it the ‘slog’ work.  The professionals at The HR Company thrive on it and turn it into something useful…. information. From processing new employees to delivering redundancy packages, our HR systems management covers every aspect of back-office administration. The HR Company’s dedicated account managers do much more than administer and process, however, they track your company’s HR information and prompt you and your employees to keep information fresh and up-to-date to avoid any unforeseen issues. Dedicated account managers at The HR Company also use this information to generate the reports and statistics you need to integrate HR into your company’s overall strategic planning. Here is a list of the main tasks that fall under the tricky Human Resources Administration umbrella: •Data entry of new employees •Setting up of email aliases and accounts •Tracking headcount movement •Processing applications •Processing appraisals •Tracking vacation time •Provision and management of electronic filing systems •Preparation and delivery of redundancy packages •Payroll Processing •Tailored generation of reports and statistics HR Ireland We can help to ease the burden of HR administration in a cost-effective manner.