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The HR Company specialises in customised HR support and advice to companies who wish to offload the burdens, the risks and the time involved in Human Resources to a professional provider. We employ a team of 47 HR professionals. When you sign-up with us, you get your own dedicated Account Manager who will become intimately aware of your business and its issues. That’s why we have hundreds of satisfied customers all over Ireland

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Our Mission is to ensure that ‘The HR Company’ organisation is considered one of the most attractive and relevant organisations in the e-service delivery businesses. To do this we must be recognised for our ability to add value. To achieve this mission, we continue to accomplish the following objective:

  • Give each of our clients/customers one of the most efficient Process Intelligence practices in the industry focused on understanding our Customer Business Needs
Our Vision is to transform the way employees and managers work by transforming the way businesses deliver Human Resource Services. We will assume complete management, ownership, and accountability for all processes and transactions associated with the Human Resources Function in organisations. By transferring much of the transactional and administrative responsibility of the HR functions to The HR Company, organisations will achieve improvements in the level of services delivered throughout the company, reduce HR costs, avoid significant capital investments, increase employee loyalty and fortify competitive advantage. We will define, develop and drive an implementation strategy for success in the e service delivery business, bringing the business to a best of class level, thereby mapping B2E as the key provider of this service in the country.
We focus on Human Resource Administration, processes and systems, so you can focus on people! As companies are aware, the day-to-day burdens involved in administering benefit and other Human Resource programs are enormous. These burdens are growing dramatically at a time when senior management is asking the HR function to move beyond administration and play a more strategic role in helping their organisations meet broad business objectives.

This is where The HR Company can support you. We can support you and find administration solutions that minimise internal burdens whilst maximising the level of service and support available to your employees.

The HR Company’s approach is a fully integrated service designed to:

  • Significantly raise the level of HR services provided to worldwide employees
  • Allow employee self-service: Enable new, innovative dialogue and bonds between employers, managers and employees;
  • Empower in-house HR executives to become strategic business partners to executive and line management;
  • Reduce HR expenses.

In order to withstand unpredictable changes in the marketplace, HR professionals are increasingly faced with the challenge of adopting a leaner design for instant action requiring more flexible solutions.

The HR Company offers a ‘low fat, low cholesterol’ solution for the clogged arteries of any HR department. By implementing our e-HR service delivery infrastructure, an existing HR function can be liberated from the colossal amount of time and resources that burden them, thus releasing HR professionals from day-to-day “administrivia.” By availing of The HR Company’s expert solutions, HR Professionals and staff can adapt ‘new and improved’ roles. HR professionals can become pioneers in Strategic Human Resources Excellence, acting as key business partners to corporations. Equally, staff are elevated to the level of autonomous employee victors.

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Health Care 78
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Retail 52
Manufacturing 46
Transport 32

Who’s behind The HR Company

Philip Carney
Philip CarneyManaging Director
Philip has over 20 years’ experience at a senior level in HR. He was head of Human Resources for Microsoft’s European Operations Centre for 7 years
Angela O'Grady
Angela O'GradyOperations Director
Angela has over 16 years’ professional Human Resource Management experience at both Microsoft’s European Operations Centre and Compaq.
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