What We Do – Overview

As Human Resources Management increasingly becomes a core activity in the overall strategic management of a company, HR Professionals are finding themselves faced with new and exciting challenges. They are being asked to contribute value to the business, to view their function in connection to the bottom line and to develop new competencies in the areas of management and consulting. This represents a shift away from the traditional administrative and operational responsibilities in favour of an increased focus on people and how they can help a company to achieve a competitive edge.

Employee-care from The HR Company | B2E offers HR professionals the support they need to meet the challenges they are facing. Our HR and IT systems experts have unparalleled insight into the administrative procedures and practices of large multinational companies. We have created a comprehensive package of administrative systems, tools, procedures and supports, which will liberate HR Executives from day-to-day personnel administration. You will be able to focus your attention where it should be – on the role of people in the strategic management of your company.


Human Resources Systems & Applications Maintenance

One could call it 'slog work' but we thrive on it.

Your Complete Backoffice Solution

From processing new employees to delivering redundancy packages, we cover it all.
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Managing Training Administration

Organising people is not an art form, it’s just hard work. It’s even harder work making sure that they have everything

Company Training Records

We at The HR Company | B2E will fully administer your training process.
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Recruitment Administration

Managing Recruitment Administration effectively is why multinationals choose The HR Company.

Relief From The Burden

We’ll screen, schedule and process, so that you can concentrate on filling that profile.
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Compensation & Benefits Administration

We take the headache out of administering compensation & benefits

We Manage The Complexity

We do everything from processing pension & medical plans to managing & organising your company’s Organisational Health Index.
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Employee Voice Response Service

The HR Company | B2E’s employee voice response service centre is there to provide answers and information when needed by you and your employees

Everybody Has Questions

Professionals, business unit managers, individual employees – everybody has questions, everybody needs information.
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Human Resource Intranet

When your Human Resources Intranet is used and administered properly, it can be a powerful tool for saving time and reducing costs. We’ll maintain, update and review its contents

HR Intranet Systems

HR intranet is a proper use of new technology. It gives those who need it, unparalleled access to information – right at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, without occupying the time of someone in the HR department.
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The Benefits & Moving Forward

In order to withstand unpredictable changes in the marketplace, HR professionals are increasingly faced with the challenge of adopting a leaner design for instant action requiring more flexible solutions.

The HR Company offers a ‘low fat, low cholesterol’ solution for the clogged arteries of any HR department. By implementing The HR Company | B2E’s  e-HR service delivery infrastructure, an existing HR function can be liberated from the colossal amount of time and resources that burden them, thus releasing HR professionals from day-to-day “administrivia.” By availing of The HR Company’s expert solutions, HR Professionals and staff can adapt ‘new and improved’ roles. HR professionals can become pioneers in Strategic Human Resources Excellence, acting as key business partners to corporations. Equally, staff are elevated to the level of autonomous employee victors.

Reasons Influencing Decision to Co-Source

  • Improve cost-effectiveness
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Redirect HR focus toward strategic planning
  • Allow companies to focus on core business
  • Provide seamless delivery of services
  • Capitalise on technological advantages/expertise
  • Improve customer service
  • Insufficient staff levels
  • Decrease response time to clients
  • Increase flexibility in handling special needs
  • Increase level of accuracy
  • Control legal risk/improve compliance

Tangible Cost Savings

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Controlling absenteeism
  • More efficient use of HR systems & applications
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Flexible cost base
  • Training expenses
  • Hiring costs
  • Centralised efficiencies through use of call centre hubs