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This is it. The internal mechanics, the nuts and bolts of any HR department. It’s what keeps the company moving and yet it is the element of human resources which most HR professionals look upon with trepidation. Rightly so. It’s administration in its purest form – one could almost call it ‘slog’ work. We thrive on it and turn it into something useful: information.

From processing new employees to delivering redundancy packages, our HR systems management covers every aspect of back-office administration. The HR Company | B2E’s dedicated account managers do much more than administer and process though, they track your company’s HR information and prompt you and your employees to keep information fresh and up-to-date. They also use this information to generate the reports and statistics you need to integrate HR into your company’s overall strategic planning.

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Setting up new employees on various HR systems can be time consuming but we know it’s important from a requisition, payroll and compliance point of view. Our experience with HR systems such as Workday, Core, SAP and Kronos makes this task easily manageable.
Our employees are experienced with using windows server operating systems useful for setting up and terminating ‘Active Directory’ and MS exchange accounts. This allows us to take full advantage and improve the efficiency of your e-mail function.
Movement of employees across an organisation can be become difficult to track especially where the volume is high. At the HR Company, we appreciate the need to respond quickly to business needs and update all HR records effectively and efficiently.
It’s not just about processing job applications. In Multinational organisations there is a real need to process leave applications, pay applications, taxation applications, personal employee and company applications in a fast and efficient way.
We understand the importance of actively processing all performance appraisals to ensure company and employee issues are addressed so that corresponding actions can happen quickly.

Managing Training Administration

Organising people is not an art form, it’s just hard work. It’s even harder work making sure that they have everything they need

Recruitment Administration

Managing Recruitment Administration effectively is the reason why so many multinational choose The HR Company.

Compensation & Benefit Administration

We take the headache out of administering compensation and benefits.

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