Managing Recruitment Administration

Managing Recruitment Administration effectively is why multinationals across Ireland choose The HR Company. Identifying the skills profile of the person you need to fill a position is usually just the beginning of a time consuming and arduous process. There is the initial screening of applications, scheduling of interviews and the processing of offer and rejection letters.

At every step of this process The HR Company | B2E relieves you of the administrative burden. We’ll screen, schedule and process, so that you can concentrate on filling that profile

What Can We Do For You?

We handle the administrative burden of this task for you so you can focus on selecting the right candidate
Once we have identified the minimum requirements and criteria for the job, The HR Company begins the task of filtering through all the applications to find you the appropriately qualified candidates to bring to the next stage.
Scheduling Interviews, arranging venues, organising both interviewees and interviewers is all part of our service to you.
At the HR Company, we know that every organisation has different testing requirements but we are familiar with all of them. So whether it’s psychometric, dexterity or aptitude testing, we can arrange it all for you.
We’re here to help you with processing offer letters Contracts, which means that we can help you move quickly towards the induction stage.
Tracking applicants along the way helps with the efficiency of the recruitment process and it allows you to communicate more easily with prospective employees
The “refer a friend programme” has it’s own challenges but The HR Company is there to process everything for the applications to finders fees.
This can be a sensitive stage in process and we understand the need for ensuring it’s handled with care and compassion. Our priority is to make sure your organisation continues to attract the best talent on the market and keeping applicants informed along the way maintains your good brand name.
We’ve been managing the induction process for many multinational corporations for over 10 years so we know exactly what’s required and how it will have a lasting and positive effective on their career with your company.
We critically analyse each recruitment campaign so that we can better understand and plan for the next one. We consciously try to establish where improvements can we made and time saved.

Managing Training Administration

Organising people is not an art form, it’s just hard work. It’s even harder work making sure that they have everything they need.

Compensation & Benefit Administration

We take the headache out of administering compensation and benefits.

Employee Voice Response Service

The HR Company | B2E’s employee voice response service centre is there to provide answers and information when needed by you and your employees.

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