Welcome to the CSR Readiness® Pro Edition

Brought To You By The HR Company

CSR Readiness Program® is an online self-assessment tool that helps you review, revise, and revisit your business processes for handling the personal data of your customers, employees, and vendors as required by a host of legislation and regulations. This is particularly important regarding the now implemented (as of May 25th, 2018) General Data Protection Regulation.

While many organisations may spend thousands and even millions to become data secure, the Readiness Pro Edition® provides a cost-effective, guided solution to data security. Partnered with The HR Company, the Readiness Pro Edition® is offered to you at a further reduced price to lead you on your way to meeting progressive data protection regulations.

The Readiness Pro Edition® is the perfect solution for your business to reduce the heavy costs of protecting your data. The Readiness Pro Edition® comprises the patent-pending risk assessment program CSR Readiness® and the award winning CSR Breach Reporting Service®. Combined in one suite, the Readiness Pro Edition® prevents the data from becoming vulnerable, and heals and reports any breeches that may occur.

CSR Readiness ® – 3 Simple Steps



We assist you to ensure that you do what is necessary to keep your employees within the organisation. This covers the entire area of salary planning, benefits planning, benefits administration, performance management and face-to-face group meetings, or one-on-one discussions.



Generation of remediation instructions, policies and best practices regarding compliance, security, incident response planning and audit. The plan is personalised to your organisation’s needs.



24/7 access to allow ongoing input and regular monitoring. New plans are protocols are continually updated in order to be exact to current regulations, and your data security is monitored by the software at all times.

The 3 R’s of Readiness

Detect location of personal data in an organisation.

Determine how personal data is:

  • Acquired
  • Accessed
  • Handled
  • Transmitted
  • Stored
  • Destroyed

Remediate weaknesses and train employees on system-generated policies and procedures.

Routinely monitor and audit performance to meet legal, regulatory and other compliance requirements.

A dashboard will show progress and generate tasks to improve compliance.  You can improve your business risk scores by remediation and implementation of further program offerings.  Upon successful completion of the analysis and remediation, your business will earn a Certificate of Completion and the ID Stay Safe Digital Seal that you can use on your website and advertising.