A Positive Working Environment is essential in order to ensure high levels of productivity. This kind of workplace promotes efficiency and makes sure staff are satisfeid in their roles and with their colleagues. A Positive working environment ensures conflict in the workplace is minimal and daily business operations, in general, run smoothly!

What to do to create a Positive Working Environment…

  1. Build Trust between all stakeholders
  2. Communicate Positively and Openly – Transparency is key
  3. Create Team Spirit – Cooperation and Synergy is hugely important
  4. Be an approachable employer/manager so that issues are raised early
  5. Expect the best from your employees and they will be encouraged to give you their best
  6. Recognise  your employees and their hard work and they will always work hard for you
  7. Give credit where credit is due and take responsibility for your actions
  8. Carry out employee evaluations and reviews and make the experience a positive one
  9. Provide a physical environment that is positive – make them want to come to work
  10. Make the work environment interesting – this will encourage creative thinking

These tips are derived from the guidelines set out by the Workplace Relations website http://www.workplacerelations.ie/en/.

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